Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Irridescence is... transplendent!

Ooh, la-la. These two hand-painted Meito China beauties are epic not just because of their pleasing periwinkle colour, but because of their irridescence.

Can you see that the inside of the cup is a glorious irridescent caramel colour? Here's a better look to capture more than just a hint of the glory.

Ooh, la-la-la? Didn't I tell you? Nice.

Anybody know why I think of Shelley Duval every time I use the word "transplendent"?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tea for two

Tea Time happened a little later than usual today, so the lad got to take part. He chose "the richest and most expensive-looking" cup – this truly lux Wedgwood demitasse, and I chose one of the sweeter-than-life-itself (favourited both by my mom and my friend Susan) pink (oh, how I love thee, pink) Aynsley (note the blossoms) (note the deep saucer).

The demitasse is typically used with coffee.

But everyone knows it's Tea Time.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mondrian pink?

This cup, which I got in Victoria, is one of my very favourites. I love everything about it: the silver lines, handle, edge and foot, and the colour of pink makes me incredibly happy and I swear makes the tea (Earl Gray today) taste better.

The mark is Paladin, and it also says E. Hughes & Co., and Fenton.