Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Regency, I like your shape

This teacup is, again, Shelley, and again one of my favourites. It's shape is Regent; I wish I knew the name of the design - anybody? The cup and saucer are two parts of a trio, and and the Regent shape has a lot of simple Art Deco designs like this one. Some more great examples: here, here, and here.

Obviously, I didn't actually start the Etsy shop I said I was going to in February. Shortly after I posted, two things happened that greatly reduced my time for such projects: 1) my husband broke his ankle. Badly. And 2) I got a ton of great freelance work (doing stuff for very nice clients), which ended up getting extended again and again, lasting until the end of August. Plus, I started to think as I gathered things together to sell, that with my pack-rat tendencies (still wouldn't call myself anything like a *cough* hoarder, right? *cough*), it was just a bad idea.

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