Wednesday, October 29, 2014

B. Henstridge was talented

I found this teacup at a contents sale down the hall. This beautiful eye-popper caught my attention right away (isn't it gorgeous?).

I haven't the foggiest who the maker is because I can't read it. Clearly from Bavaria, and the painter was a B. Henstridge in 1929. If you can read it, do let me know.

Here's what's funny. It was only last night that I realized that my Photobooth app takes pictures backwards, like in a mirror. Not fully certain why I never noticed before. I clearly know what the piano behind me looks like in real life.

Why last night: I was taking a photo of meself, all ready for the Choir Halloween event, as Annie Lennox in her HIV/AIDS fundraising album gear, in which she wears a t-shirt with the word SING on it. Behold, GNIS.

I think I looked pretty good (despite GNIS) with a crap-ton of makeup on. To be more Annie-Lennox-ish, I tried to make my eyes look farther apart. And I lightened my hair with kids' Halloween cream makeup, applied with a little brush.

The primary reason I felt that I actually looked pretty good was that I got served at the bar right away. Never happened before at that bar. Being a middle-aged woman, clearly outside the target demographic, I typically have to wait and wait just to be noticed by the attractive young servers. Last night, with the bar being extra crowded, BOOM, got served pronto. A young beauty made eye contact with me right away and took extra care with my draught. The lesson? I may try wearing a crap-ton of makeup again sometime. Especially when I'm thirsty.

Here's Annie, my style icon, with her letters facing the right way (image from

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  1. Love all those teacups! (And the costume was pretty cool, too.)