Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The catch and release program, enhanced

Is it actually possible that I could give up and sell one of my Dainty Blue Shelley teacups (this one is exceptional because it's footed, and that is very unusual for the Dainty shape)? We shall see.

"Catch and release" means that with great joy and enthusiasm, I have a tendency scoop up a treasure – like a teacup*, for example – from the Sally Ann, or Goodwill, or a garage sale, or an antique show, hang onto it for awhile (like a month or twenty years), and then gently release it back into the Great Material Continuum** (or hang onto it forever). Now, via my upcoming Esty shop.

I'm thinking of opening a little Etsy shop. I've got a lot of beautiful stuff that I don't have room for, and it seems that beautiful stuff is always going to make its way into my home. It's always easier for me to let go of "stuff" if it's going right into someone else's hands.

I spent the afternoon going through cupboards and little wee boxes of treasures. Once I get it rolling, I'll post a link here.

*Note that I didn't pick up this epic Shelley teacup at Goodwill or a garage sale; I found it
at the annual Antiques Show at the Bracebridge Arena a few years ago, the source of many treasures.

**The Great Material Continuum explained

Okay, I can't help myself; here's a sampling (silver is pre-Twinkle).


  1. I will be interested to see how this goes. Keep us posted : )

  2. YOU NEED TO DO THIS!!! We all should, really. :)