Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adding levity

The winter sky is just the bluest!
Happily, I got my outgrown floppy hairdo chopped off today. Unhappily, as I sat in the salon chair this morning wearing the salon smock it was looking like my hair dresser's day was not off to a great start.

Wait, am I the only person I know who still says "hair dresser"? Should I be saying "stylist"? Probably.

Back to her day; she was late, she was wearing a towel so her wet hair wouldn't ruin her (gorgeous) outfit. Then, as she tried to get the music going in the salon, one thing after another went wrong, with the cord, the blaster, the ipod, some little attachment, an inappropriate phone call, and on. Fortunately none of this had to do with my hair.

What I did to improve today
But what I was able to do to improve today was to try to turn her day into a better one. Sitting in the chair with my lank old hairdo wasn't putting me in the position to work miracles, but that's not the point. Just improve today, right?

All I did was chat her up, remind her of how good she always is with my hair, make her notice how nice she looked, tell her how good she had made me feel last time I was in (when I was sad and mad).

It seemed to work. Both she and I were happy with how my head turned out, and there were lots of laughs and smiles, and another fellow there managed to get the blaster working well in a different spot that was making everyone happy.

What you can do to improve the day (if you choose to pay attention to my ideas, and believe me, there's no obligation):

If you notice that someone's having an off day, show them some extra consideration and pay them some attention, even in a small way; in fact a small way might be better than a big way (less creepy; more natural).

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