Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Northeast corner of St. James Park
 I haven't given this blog so much as a thought in the past several weeks, but here it is: the urge to blog.

Restoration and rejuvenation 
It's all about creative energy - I finally got it back. I've got some freelance work, I'm able to work from home sometimes, and I am appreciating being out of the increasingly sucky, uber-political, poo-ridden environment of Jobsite 1.

Choir is still going strong, and hoo-boy, it sure has served as a place of refuge and healing and support after losing my job. Here's our take on Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

Life goes on, right? Things happen - and not always for any good reason, so, please, I beg you to not tell me that everything happens for a reason. Some things do. Some things don't - at least not for any good reason.

For example. My dad's been admitted to hospital, so I'm worried; he's become very frail over the past year. Next. I heard from my brother this morning - he and his family woke up in shock to a fire in the house. Everyone's okay, but shizzzzz. Last word was that he also has found Mimi the cat, safe and well.

The happy working life

Happy home office
This desk was made many years ago by M3I's grandfather (or was it his great grandfather?) after he lost his sight, so yes, this talented gentleman, whom I never met, built it blind.

And I've raised the height of the surface to make it a standing desk, using the sides of my dad's heavy old oak desk he had to discard after my parents' move to a condo last year.

After sitting to work for the last 25 years, it's nice to have the option to stand; I can sit too, if I want, on my awesome old piano stool that my brother hunted down for me, searching through a number of dusty old antiques/junk stores to find it. A treasure!

A fair bit of my current work, however, is out at an office downtown, on the east side of downtown. This point is extra fun because I've been working around the west side of downtown for the last 18 years, so it's been very cool to explore a part of the city I've barely ever even driven through.

The office is basically locaed in the upper St. Lawrence neighbourhood., an old part of town that still has a lot of the old buildings still standing and still in use. The Market is several blocks to the south and about two blocks west. And best of all, I get to walk through the park beside St. James Cathedral en route, and listen to the church bells every quarter hour.

Also good: the new people I'm working with, all of whom are around the mid-century age. And I do believe that two of them are becoming my friends.