Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Moving right along - working from home in the living room

Is it good that I no longer wish for all the plants in the office to die? Of course, they probably will anyway because I was the only one who watered them. But I'm moving along. I've got my freelance shingle out, and I'm getting work and getting out and feeling excited about all that.

Getting out of the house every morning, sticking to a routine, all that is good.

A few adjustments are in order though. I've been super crabby with Charlie after he gets home from school. He's an energetic kid who needs to do some tearing around after enduring the confines of school. But we live in a small place, and my home office is open, and I mean OPEN. His arrival also makes me want to stop working and hang with him. It also makes me want to keep working and start cranking at him to stay still! calm down! go listen to Annoying Orange in your room!

Not good.

But it just means a few adjustments to my new working-from-home routine.

Job #1: Get daily yoga back into my schedule; helps my mood and helps me not feel like I'm turning to cement. And it has to be first thing; maybe after blogging! I've been focusing on getting out at the "normal" time, going for a walk, getting to the coffee shop to write or proofread. And this has been a very good thing for me, but since I DO have the freedom to change it up - I shall.

Job #2: Get noise cancelling headphones. And maybe go to the coffee shop at 3:30.

It's 7 am: Yoga time!

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  1. Post script: all the plants in the office did indeed die.