Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sisters and brothers

I've been reading the newspaper this morning, having coffee while Charlie and M3I have a sleep-in. So so many interesting things to read today.

Joanna Manning, a progressive former Catholic nun, has long been an advocate for change in the Catholic Church. I read today that she has in the last ten years become an Anglican priest, having finally given up on the church she had so much hope for, especially after seeing the wonderful changes that developed after Vatican II. She's now happy and fulfilled doing good within a church that values her abilites and intellect.

There's lots of talk about the Church these days, what with Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet's being considered, potentially seriously, as the next Pope. I think I'd be more excited if he were even just a teeny bit more progressive. Seems he is a bit, now and again, but ulitmately, he's old school. My one hope is that maybe talking the old-school talk is his campaign schtick, and he's got a more progressive agenda in mind if he becomes Pope. Though, apparently he wouldn't wish it upon anyone, so crushing is the burden.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was a world where Joanna Manning would be considered a likely candidate for Pope? She and Ouellet are almost the same age (b 1943, b 1944), and they're both intelligent leaders in the church. Imagine if the leader of the Catholic Church (I have to remind myself not to simply call it The Church) believed in birth control? Imagine how good that would be for Catholic women and families in developing countries.

I miss going to church. But it was just making me so mad. Going Anglican? Maybe. I've got some thinking - and reading - to do.


  1. I'm thinking that if the tables were turned, things would be different, no?