Saturday, March 2, 2013

Too freaked out

I stopped taking the Gabapentin. To explain why, I'll tell a little story.

Every Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at my place of work we're rewarded with the opportunity to come to the kitchen and have a drink of wine, or beer, or sparkling water. Or coffee or tea, of course, always. We have great coffee at work. Over the past four years I've been there, it's become a nice ritual to gather round and have a chat over a glass of red or white.

Back to this Friday. I spent the afternoon in my new semi-stoned state. Got stuck a few times focusing on the sky outside the window. I didn't get all of my work done, however started thinking about the 4 o'clock chat and the wine. Then thought, hmm, I wonder if I can have alcohol while I'm on Gabapentin. So I googled it.


While I'm sure lots of people have no trouble with it (and there was no warning label affixed to my pill bottle), it turns out the people who do have trouble mixing alcohol and Gabapentin have LOTS of trouble. In fact, two of the people on Page 1 of the forum ended up in the custody of the police, and no memory of how they got there. Other people got very, very sick to their tums, lots of them had blackouts, lots of them posted comments that the booze effects increase several-fold, and one said she got very, very surly with her boyfriend.

So, disturbed by that news, and not comfortable about my semi-stoned state, I've stopped taking it.

Note however, it made me feel "happy" during the day. Until around dinnertime, when I felt snappish and short tempered. And, not happy about how hard it is to get out of bed. And not happy about how when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I stagger. The stuff makes me a bit unsteady on my feet, especially in the 12 hours or so right after I've taken it.

Last night, without the stuff, I didn't sleep as well. Got up at 5 and read for a bit. But sheesh, I'm already taking Cipralex, right? Just 5 mg a day, which is half the usual prescribed dose, but 5 mg is quite strong for me. So I've stopped the Gabapentin because I just felt ridiculously over drugged, and my hot flash complaint seemed to pale a bit in the wake of this. I still don't feel quite normal. Whatever that is.

PS: If you thought the little story was going to be me ending up in police custody, sorry to disappoint.


  1. You know, I've been doing a bit of research recently into pure essential oils. Turns out that most pharmaceutical companies make drugs that include a heavy percentage of synthetic versions of essential oils that can be produced much more cheaply (as pure essential oils are blummin' expensive). A friend of mine has started selling Do Terra oils and one by one many of my friends have started testing them out, with terrific results. I am not a bandwagonner, hence the reading up first, but I think that, menopause being a naturally occurring condition, perhaps somewhere, someone has an essential oil that could alleviate some of your symptoms without side-effects? I know a couple of insomniac friends are finding the lavender drops a godsend. Just a thought...

  2. SOUNDS SCARY AND HORRIBLE! Eat soy - yams - almonds - sage - talk to a homeopath or someone - there are natural source things you can try - but HRTs scare the shit out of me. I was on them for 3 - 4 months when I hit the 'poz like a brick wall - changed my diet and exercise, and 2 years later, although not 100% gone, symptoms are much more mild and quite tolerable. But that shit sounds scary - but hey, if you do go to jail...mention my name, you'll get a good seat. Say hi to Sweaty Betty!

  3. I've definitely been getting some cool advice since I started talking to people about this. Last night, I heard I should take lentils as well.

    Do Terra oils, I will check them out for sure, Marnie. Lavender for some reason gives me a headache and asthma response - but I realize there's more good things to look at.

    And Lynne, the stuff I was taking wasn't HRT; I wouldn't go near that unless it gets way worse - especially since heart & stroke stuff runs in my family, and my mom got breast cancer (post menopause).

    Yams, I love 'em. I'll get them on the grocery list again. Almonds - I eat 'em every single day cuz they're so delicious. Soy - makes me a bit nervous - but I can see how it'd help with the big estrogen drops.

    I'm back on Vitamin D, for one, and am keeping up my new exercise routine (5 weeks now!).