Tuesday, March 5, 2013

They were just $17; they must have shrunk

Gee, did my cheap Reitman's jeans shrink or something? They seem smaller, somehow.

Fact is, since I started my new little exercise-in-the-morning program 5 1/2 weeks ago I've been hungrier than a springtime bear. My program: yoga - rotating my 4 Yogalink dvds (Jill Miller, who's awesome), then 1000 "sweat points" dancing up a storm with our Wii Just Dance discs. So much fun (being serious here; it's really so much fun). Plus once a week I try to get it either a skate or a swim. I've got in two swims so far.

Not a lot of new activity, right? Takes me, in total, between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on how early I manage to get out of bed. I'm surprised it's making me this much hungrier. Maybe I should just blame in on menopause. Haha. Maybe not. Okay. I'll blame Cipralex. Which is legit because I quite consciously know that I've been hungry since I started it four years ago, and I know I was never this constantly hungry before that time. But let's not totally blame the meds. I'm my own food control board, right?

I know from reading all sorts of stuff and being a smart person that it's not about the weight, it's not about the number on the scale, it's actually not even about the BMI (unless you ask my tiny, young, fit GP, who's all over the BMI) it's about health. And I do feel healthier. My back and shoulders aren't hurting so much. But, waaah. I don't want my jeans to be too small.

What am I gonna do about it? Not entirely sure what the plan is. Yet.

Anyway. Just for fun, try one of Jill's exercises. They're really helpful. First time I did these quad stretches, I couldn't go to Choir that night, my quads were soooo sore, stretched like they've never been stretched before. But I do it all the time now. :o)


  1. So what time do you get up to exercise then? I used to love exercising first thing, but now with the kids' day starting at 6 am and keeping me busy up until 9.15, that early morning vibe is long gone by the time I get home and then start procrastinating... I am going to try that one above. My leg muscles (all of them) are tighter than a... well, they're very tight.

    Don't worry about the jeans... just go get another pair in a slightly larger size : )

  2. BMI is my enemy. I will never weigh what the BMI claims I ought to; and that's okay. I can kick BMI's ass. My trainer agrees, by the way. For me to weigh that little would be unhealthy. I'm a big woman - I've got big hands, big wrists, big feet, and wide shoulders. My bones weigh more that a supermodel. Get it together, BMI, you're a crock.

  3. I need to get up at 6:30 to exercise before work. I'm lucky I don't have to get up in the dead of night - Charlie doesn't need to leave for school until about 8:45.

    Re: jeans in a larger size - what a perfectly wonderful idea!

    Re: BMI - I agree with you; it's just a number on a table, really. Doesn't take into account strength, activity level, flexibility, energy level, general health, muscle, frame, and on and on.

  4. BMI doesn't really work for me, either, as I've got sparrow bones. A 'healthy' BMI on me involves rolls of flab around the middle. As for the exercising and jeans getting tighter, that usually happens to me when I resume exercise after a break - especially anything that really works muscles, like yoga. I put on 3kg over Christmas (well, before, actually) and I'm trying to work it off slowly, but geez it gets harder the older you get, doesn't it?

    As for exercising before the day starts, not happening in my house - 6.15 is when we get up anyway ... I try to squeeze it in during my work day, because once everyone is home in the evening it's pointless trying to do anything.

  5. I think we should all resolved to laugh, LAUGH, in the faces of our doctors the next time one of them deigns to mention BMI.