Friday, March 1, 2013

In like a happy, sleepy lion

Happy March! And happy Friday.

I've managed to squeeze in some exercise these past two mornings despite my zonkedness. Can't for the life of me overcome the gabapentin-induced body heaviness to get out of bed at first alarm. Or second. But I did manage to rouse myself after the third (yes, I've set three alarms, because I know myself, and I always hit "stop" instead of "snooze").

And, sadly, no time for the yoga dvd - must be on time for work! Oh yes. I'm on a quest to make it to work earlier by catching one of the scheduled buses (see yesterday), which gets me to the office more quickly. I don't get to see much of Charlie awake, but I can leave earlier in the evening. So it's worth a try.

Happily I did achieve my Just Dance 1000 "sweat points". While I still don't quite know how to select songs, or make the thing show me the song titles (as I could do in Just Dance 2), it's still really, really fun, and I've found it's the perfect thing to start the day.

So. March goals: I'm continuing the first-thing in the morning exercise. Catching the fast bus. And, in honour of the peacock on my calendar, I'm trying to look a little teeny bit more polished for work. In fact, today, I'm acturrly wearing a little squib of makeup! Laws! The sleep issues and simple aging have given me some raccoon-like dark circles, and it makes me a bit happier to look in the mirror when they're covered. I tend to forget I've put the goo on and I go, damn, I don't look so bad!

And one more thing: the slow, possibly multi-year search for a new job. Things are great here at the moment, and have been quite good since the new year. My let-it-go attitude is helping. I know I do great work. That's what counts; I'm accountable to myself and my standards.

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