Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whoa, duuuuude

I'm working from home today, not because of the snowstorm. Perish the thought; I'm no snow wuss. It's because I've been prescribed and then last night tried a new medication to deal with hot flashes because I've been waking up a zillion times a night. Intense itching on the back of the neck, then BOILING, and sometimes quite nauseous. Then, fall asleep, then wake up FREEZING, and sometimes shivering. Then, blankets back on, fall asleep, intense itching on the back of the neck, then BOILING. And so on. You think it's annoying to read, it's much more annoying to experience. And then, day goes on, and I feel the need to fall asleep around 9, which Charlie finds quite amusing. He's even tucked me in a read me a story several nights.

Back to the med, called Gabapentin, typically prescribed to prevent seizures, sometimes for anxiety, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia pain, and, yes, hot flashes (which may be an off-label use; I'm not sure). I've been prescribed the absolute lowest dose.


I slept like a stoned rock. I did wake up a couple of time, which is not big deal. Each time I'd close my eyes, I saw awesome geometric patterns with little cut-out figures. Not super intense, just sleepily interesting. And I woke up this morning feeling higher than a kite. Weird and rather great. I was actually unsteady on my feet, and right after I woke up, I was rhapsodising on and on to M3I about the beauty of the Debussy tune we woke up to (Girl with the Flaxen Hair - which I used to be able to play). Had 4 cups of coffee to "sober up".  Presumably the body's tolerance increases very quickly (much to the disappointment of people in the online forums trying to maintain their buzz on this awesome shit).

Feeling normal now. Working away.

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  1. LOL!

    Sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time of it though. I don't mind that doped up wheeeeeeee feeling on the rare occasion (as long as I'm not meant to be somewhere doing something). Hope your body's tolerance settles quickly ; )