Thursday, February 28, 2013

No high this morning, but, happily, slept like a rock. Seems the tolerance for Gabapentin's side effects does increase super quickly, as promised. I'm relieved. It's fun to be unexpectedly up (also, w/o guilt or breaking the law), but it's not my thing.

The happiest thing about this morning, other than all the pretty snow on the trees, was making it to the bus on time, thanks, once again, to the TTC mobile app, called Transit Now Toronto. It's accurate!!! I've found if I leave 5 minutes before the bus is to arrive at my stop, I'll be sure to watch it zip by me, usually from the wrong side of the street. But if I leave 6 minutes before, I'll make it! If I move quickly.

And this morning, I did, running through the slush, past dawdling teenagers, onto the bus. I was so happy I took a photo.


  1. So are they prescribing the Gabapentin for you long term? My girlfriend is on a similar thing for restless leg syndrome, long term, and is wondering whether her body might build up a tolerance over time.

  2. Hmm. Good question. I don't know if she'll build up a tolerance. Probably and good question for her (and ME!) to ask her doctor - or pharmacist/chemist. I love asking pharmacists questions about medications - they know more than the doctors, and they're very easy to get in touch with!

    As for me, no, I'm not on it long-term. My hot flashes do tend to go in phases, with many months with none at all. This time round, they were much, much worse, and I wasn't getting nearly enough sleep. Plus, the gabapentin isn't eliminating them, but definitely reducing the intensity already, i.e., the horrid itching on the back of the neck isn't happening.

    Btw, I hope it's helping your friend! Both me and my mom get restless leg every now and again (my mom calls it "the heebie-jeebies"), and it's freaking awful.