Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Choir

Marnie, I'm not in the photo for the NRP bit - but I'm in these vids! Probably about time I posted them here, because they represent such a fun part of my week. We learn two new songs every week, and record them - and sometimes one of our members takes a video. I'll let you find me - and one of them (one of the rather nasty quality ones I'm afraid) has my son singing beside me as well. Made me so happy.

First - one of my favourites to sing - No Surprises, by Radiohead. I wasn't a Radiohead fan until I learned some of their songs.

Next, simple fun, to prep for the holidays in December.

Next, Soupstock - a gathering to protest a mega-quarry (which WAS cancelled). We were invited to sing, and afterwards we had soup :)

And finally (enough for one blog post), for a tribute to a lovely local (& national) politician. Very cool moment for me - because my parents were on holiday on the west coast, and phoned to say, "we just saw you on tv!"


  1. Very cool vids! I watched them all the other day but got interrupted before I could leave a comment. So,.. have you dyed your hair? If not, then I can't see you :/ But I think, in the rally vid, you and your little guy are standing off to the far right? sorry if I'm way off.

    How great to be part of something so organic and full of enthusiasm. You know, historically, most cultures had group/massed singing (or chanting.. serves the same purpose) as part of their cultural fabric. Our very advanced western civilisation has really lost that somehow. Singing, especially with others, is so synergistic. If you move cities, what are you going to do to replace it??

    1. P.S. the top 2 vids are the same one. Probably a link muck-up

  2. If we ever do move, I will most definitely join another choir! I don't think I want to be without that experience, on a regular basis, anymore.