Monday, January 7, 2013

Always on the cutting edge, me

Two people complimented me on my winter boots today. First time I've ever been complimented on them.  Or any winter boots I've ever had, actually, other than the occasional, boy those look warm!

First, the woman ahead of me at the coffee shop told me, oh she loved my boots and wanted to know where I got them, and how they look good for walking. And she was likely thirtysomething, so not unhip, okay? And two, just before I left the office, a young twentysomething fellow I work with, who knows from fashion, told me how fashionable I looked with my jeans tucked into my red wool socks tucked into my boots; specifically, that I looked very Queen West. I joked, going along with his obvious teasing, that I'm just so beyond fashion, and he said, no, I'm serious, it looks cool.

Things like this in life make me laugh-happy.

For the past two winters I've been wearing these boots; they're boys, size 6, waterproof, good treads, very warm, "Keen" brand, with pretend graffiti composed of letter Ks going up the side. Don't be surprise if you next see me on the pages of The Sartorialist.

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  1. Reminds me of how chuffed I was when some kids I was teaching admired my dark red leather coat ...