Monday, January 2, 2012

I pause

PS: As for starting a blog about menopause, I'm thinking about it still. But it occurs to me that this, weird in edgewise, is that blog.

I started it the year I was turning 45, about to exit the desirable 18-44 demographic. I was starting a fulltime job because M3I and I were both freelance and in our mid-40s, with a young kid, and as we entered middle age, it was time to add some stability and benefits to our income. I ended up with a boss who was much younger and less experienced, I'd just lost an elderly relative, I was noticing that I never got, er, checked out any more. Not that I was looking for it, obviously, but exiting that demographic means you have to deal with being "formerly hot". And being formerly hot also meant a new era of being extremely hot.

Primarily, I want to get across one important point: age 44, 45, 46, 47 or 48 is not too early to go through menopause. I know people perhaps think they're trying to make me feel good - oh you're so young! - by saying that it seems too soon, but really, you're just making me feel like there's something wrong with me when there isn't. Maybe they'd just like me to never mention it. Which isn't going to happen. If I detect queasiness about "women's issues", I'm going to talk about them. Women exist. So get a grip.

It looks like I'm close to being permanently on "pause". Hope so, anyway.

Because it's about bloody time for Auntie Flo to pack up her bags and go.


  1. I hope your seemingly permanent pause is exactly that - permanent. Most older women I know were on pause for a while before Flo came back with a vengeance. Sometimes staying several weeks past her welcome in one visit! The female body is a miraculous contraption but there are some real downfalls to the design, imho.