Thursday, December 22, 2011

A tonic for a writer

The tonic? Occasional solitude.

I'm working from home today, as I'm on Charlie drop-off and pick-up duty, which also means I'm not in the office until the new year and I have to say this is a major, major treat! While I loove my colleagues and podmates, I truly do, and feel very lucky, truth is throughout my life I've craved and needed time alone and I've had very little lately. The company's gotten so big over the past two years, and from time to time I just need a buffer from people.

A buffer, like for example a door, which unfortunately due to the collaborative nature of our work, ain't ever going to happen. So I use my headphones as a buffer. Most of the time I'm not even listening to music. But especially when I'm writing I need just a leetle bit of uninterupted time. Please. I beg you.

So my small bit of ettiquette advice to those out there, if you work with a copywriter and she's got her headphones on, come back later. Even 10 minutes later will help a lot. I promise you your work will get done a lot faster.

Happy Solstice! Let there be light, indeed!

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