Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Revolutions

Okay. Life's good. Work's good. Family's good. The decluttering of 2011 has gone great, with lots of good stuff to come. In many ways, I feel like I'm On The Right Track. But it's so much fun to progress and grow, right? Here's what I want to do or improve in 2012.

#1. Get rid of my back pain by strengthening the hell out of my abdominal muscles. With physio and massage, I'm on the right track. For example, I can roll over in bed again. Pretty good for a 48-year-old, eh? Got to beat this. Because if I've had to go to freaking physio just to be able to roll over in bed at this age, I've got a ways to go. 2012 is the year of the abs.

#2. Continue the decluttering. Done in 2011: Charlie's closet (which was full of my office stuff), my bedroom closet, my clothes, the china, books, excess craft material, and so many, many magazines. All cleaned up. To do in 2012: cull photos, declutter under the bed, get office stuff (which is organized) into filing cabinet drawer.

#3. What was it again? I was just going to google ab exercises, and, M3I just gave me a bite of turkey, and what was it. Oh yeah. Focus on focus. I think I'm a pretty good editor and copywriter, but all my working life (which includes school), I've struggled with maintaining my focus. It's like running. If I can make myself work solidly for about 10 or 15 minutes, I'm in the groove, I'm engaged and productive. But the internet, that wonderfully diabolical distractinator, is becoming a problem for me.

#4. Start a blog about menopause.

Stay tuned.

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