Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two pains in the butt, a victorious friend and some schadenfreude

No, I most definitely should NOT be on the computer tonight! I've messed up my lower back in a big way, and the cause? Sitting at my too-high desk at work (it's also rather high at home too), sitting pitched too-far forward, my head leaning toward the computer screen, clinging with one foot on the bottom posty thing that leads to one of the wheels, on a too-big, over-praised Aeron chair.


I'm feeling happiness for a friend who has scored a really cool new job. She's been working for a toxic boss for some years now, but has handled herself with grace and class, putting all her energy into improving her qualifications by taking courses, learning from other people in her company and working damn hard.

The icing on the cake is a bit of schadenfreude, I'm guilty to say I'm experiencing, largely as a former toxic-boss-haver, and also because her boss is a total pain in the ass. He's a Blamer-and-a-Claimer*. The pleasure comes with this: Her toxic boss is away on holiday, and he ain't scheduled to return til after she's gone. And he's unreachable. He-he-ho-ho!

My friend basically holds his department together; she really does. And she's been underpaid and underappreciated and overdelegated to and told time and time again that she's "not ready" for advancement, when she's essentially running his department.

La-la-la, we're very likely gonna see him hafta do some actual work, oh yeah. I hope, anyway.

*Blamer-and-Claimer: something good happens, this type of individual takes credit, especially when it's not due to his efforts; something bad happens, he lays blame elsewhere, most likely to the person on his team who's not in the room.


  1. Often I read "you're not ready for advancement" as "I will be completely screwed if you leave so you're going nowhere".

    Karma. Hope it makes for excellent viewing upon his return :)

    And sorry to hear about your back :(

  2. Schadenfreude - that's an awesome word, and one that I have not heard before. I love German. They can make a word for anything, just by bangin' a bunch of other words together. And if you had a bad phlegmy cold, you could probably speak German even better. What a super language.