Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Notice to men who hit

If you're a fellow who has ever smacked, shoved, hit, belted, punched, or otherwise assaulted your wife or girlfriend, or partner, or mom, or sister, or daughter, be assured that whatever you did to her:

- She did NOT have it coming.
- She did NOT deserve it.
- Flowers or jewellery or apologies do NOT make up for it.
- You need to get yourself some HELP, and fast.
- If she leaves you or tries to get away from you, it's YOUR FAULT. Not hers.

No buts; nobody wants to hear your bullshit. Get yourself to therapy and deal with your issues. Because you're NOT in the right. You're totally, 100% in the WRONG.

How would you feel if you were afraid to go home?


  1. It would suck. But I don't think I'd stand for it anyway. I say THINK, because I can't be 100% sure.

    Men and violence... Although it's a slight tangent, I once put all the men in my extended family on notice that if any of them EVER did anything to my daughters that was inappropriate, I would prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law as my first port of call, no matter who they were. I did it in a semi-humourous way, but concluded with enough of an 'edge' that I think they got I was serious.

    I hope whoever you are referring to gets her courage and either gets help or gets out :(

  2. P.S. Because most of the time it seems the male won't get help, cause according to him he's not in the wrong, so why should he? >:(

    My sister is about to move to an unknown location so her ex can't find her or their son. I hope he doesn't. My sister has coped with the violence to a degree, but their 2 year old son - who witnessed it all - certainly has not.