Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just a beautiful day in the not-so-smokey Big Smoke

We took a nice little trip today, right here in the city, to visit my cousin.

 We took the ferry to the Island.

 Hope the horn's not too loud!

 It's always neat to look back at the city.

 Helloooo Cousin!

 Let's walk along the boardwalk to...

 The Rectory Cafe!
 I had a bison burger. Can't show a picture of it because it's all eaten. Delicious!
 Off we go. In style!

 Beavers are damn busy.

 To the fire station to see if our friend Brad is working today.

Checking out the waves on the way back to Cousin's house. They're biggies.

Before we go inside to have some tea, let's look around.

 Why, hello, Bottom!

  Okay, let's go inside. It's getting chilly.

 Ah. That's better. Time for tea & cookies.

After Cousin gave us tea & cookies, we headed back to the mainland.

A not-too-smokey day in the Big Smoke!

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  1. What a fun day and what terrific photos :D Where are the ones of YOU? (Bar your right leg of course)