Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy campers camping: We got off our duffs and camped!

Thanks to Charlie, we did get out camping yesterday before breakfast and stayed out in the big, quiet November park for all three meals.

Cereal, fruit and coffee for breakfast. Chicken sandwiches, noodle soup for lunch, and hot apple cider. After we hiked around and climbed the big hill in the afternoon, we had hot chocolate, and played Scrabble in the tent.

Then as it began to get dark, we heated up bean and lentil stew with rice. Since we ran around all day, we were hungry.

We got home after dark, happy, tired, a little wind burned. And smiling a lot. Made me want to spend lots of time outside all the time. I do get enthused like that. I camp for one day, I want to do it every weekend! Whether I do or not is another matter, being human and all.

It's just so darn good to get off our duffs and out into the world. It was fun even just to see all our camping stuff again. We barely even sat down all day, ya know? And that bean and lentil stew was incredible.

The tent. Fun to put up in the light. Count your pegs if you're going to take it down in the dark.
It was a gray day, damp, but not too chilly or windy. Nice. We walked for awhile along the trail.

This log graveyard just begged to be in black and white.

A field of burrs along the Rouge River (more like a creek, imho).

A chat beside a yurt.

A tree, confused by all the warm weather, blossoms.

I can't resist taking pics of berries...
... and branches...
... and branches.



  1. Nice! What a fantastic weekend it was.

  2. Thats me above :)
    Yur Bro

  3. Good for you! And how lovely to see your face! You really do look like your cartoon :D