Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Graham, I found your keys

I found a set of keys tonight on my bike ride home.They were in the middle of the intersection of King Street West and Peter. There's a tag that says "Graham".

Not sure what to do with them. One of the keys with a plastic holder (the car key) is broken - obviously a car rode over it.

I figured if Graham googled, "I lost my keys", maybe he'd find out I have them.

So, Graham, dude, if you can describe the tag, I'll send these to you.

What a drag to lose one's keys!


  1. Poor person (could possibly be a lady? Graham could be a surname. i have friends with that surname.. i shall ask them if they've lost some keys. In Canada :D)
    Perhaps you could contact the local police department as Graham might check there as to whether someone has hopefully handed them in?

  2. I think, judging by the design of the tag that it's a first name and it's a dude. Local police department is a good idea. I also, that night, placed a lost & found ad on kijiji.

    I wondered to myself if I should've just left them there, but they'd been run over, and since they were in the middle of the road, I couldn't tell where the person had come from or where'd they were headed. So not sure where to leave 'em.