Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Effective, chilling, or just way too creepy?

Check out the Heart & Stroke Foundation's new campaign -- Make Death Wait -- this is the TV ad that "targets" women. Women who are usually outside the target demographic, eh. It's called "Death Loves Women".

It's chilling for sure. Literally, for me. I got goosebumples. However, I've also had to hide from someone before, and this is in trigger territory.

It's true that many women (& men! - check out the ad targetted to them) take care of everybody but themselves, and I like that they address this. And heart disease runs in my family, and I'm trying hard to make time to get some sort of cardio in every day.

So the ad does make me think about doing stuff for my heart health, because I truly do want to make death wait. There's apparently a print ad out there somewhere that says "Death Loves Menopause". I'll post it when I find it.

I found it! See below*.

But the stalker trigger thing seems a bit emotionally expensive. I wonder how it would play with a female voice.


*Thanks to Sextherapistintraining for posting this (& I appreciate your option of it!) - I'd heard about it, but could not find it elsewhere. Here it is, "Death Loves Menopause".
My response: F**k you, Heart and Stroke Foundation. Or, rather, your oh-so-cutting-edge marketing company. We who live outside the target demographic have enough trouble being treated like we don't matter, or we're old hags, or we're the personification of ugly, but this makes it seem like we've got one foot in the crypt. Raising awareness about heart disease so we can do something about it is one thing, but just eff the fuck off with this. The thermostat. Jeezuz. Yep, hot flashes are always great for some yuks and lols at our expense. And what the hell is that rope for?


  1. Personally, I'd find the ad more effective if voiced by a woman - perhaps even with a different take. The stalker angle really did nothing to make the issue seem more urgent for me. Get women talking about the important contribution we make and having to prematurely leave their loved ones and I'd be paying a lot more attention. Stalkers just make me angry about a whole other issue rather than heart disease/stroke. Someone pretending to be death just fictionalises it too much for me. Sorry, ad people.

  2. Tx, Marnie!

    And sorry everyone for all the effing. I was in a mood, and boy that made me mad.

  3. I find the ads both creepy and fear-based which alone is not good for my heart!


  4. I agree with the outrage over this campaign, and especially the Death Loves Menopause ad.

    You may be interested to check out this blog post I wrote about the campaign. It appeared it two versions:
    Feb. 8 at re: cycling:

    Feb. 10 at Troy Media:

  5. from here: