Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brace yourself

The lad got braces today. Not the full train track experience, but an appliance that's cemented in on both sides of the top of his wee little mouth. And that's the issue, his wee little mouth with not enough room for all those incoming teeth. Same as his mother.

His mouth is aching, he's speaking a bit funny, and I can tell it hurts because he's being touchy about things that wouldn't normally phase him.

It may be silly, but I feel like crying. He's just 7 for Pete's sake. I had various achy appliances over nine years and so I know it's rotten. I hope for him it's worth it. We're putting a lot of faith -- and a lot of freaking money -- in the orthodontist.

That's all I got. Had a rotten day at work. Happy to be home with my dear, sweet Charlie and my beloved, strong, supportive M3I.


  1. And so it begins... My 14 year old had a mouth too small for her big teeth, so 14 teeth surgically removed later, she started her 18 months of braces and is now on the other side - but with permanent retainers. 7 is pretty young. They seem to start all this younger and younger! Good luck to poor Charlie (and to you, and your bank balance). I know too, from firsthand experience, that it's a long and painful process :( Hope tomorrow is a better day for you all.

  2. Wow, 7 is very young. Mine got his at not quite 13 but only needed them for a year - now it's just the retainer at night. I hope it goes OK.