Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Books and bikes

Tomorrow night we're going to a Public Consultation Meeting at our local library. The wretched Mayor Ford & Co. want 10% of the library budget CUT. Yes, in this rich, cosmopolitan city of ours, they want to cut library service.

They also want to close 4 museums. Way to get those tourists to come, eh. Meanwhile, the mayor's dufus brother proposes a giant ferris wheel and a monorail. Presumably for free. Cuz we gotta cut spending, right?

Make no mistake. It's not about spending or gravy or money. It's about an ultra-conservative ideology that says they stand for smaller government while at the same time spending money hand over fist on bullshit decisions like removing bike lanes, cancelling transit construction and plans, listening to citizens less and less, and exerting more and more unilateral control over decisions that should be made through public consultation and listening to our municipal representatives.

The removal of bike lanes is particularly upsetting. It cost more money to remove them than it did to install them. So the Fords have made the city less safe, saving no money, revealing their lie about being all about cutting "gravy".

Happily, our ward has a wonderful councillor, who doesn't need to be convinced that the things that make our city great should be celebrated, championed - and funded.

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  1. How in Hades does removing bike lanes cut spending??? What is the possible virtue of such a decision? I am seriously confused.