Sunday, October 16, 2011

Which do you like better, knitting or crocheting?

I bought* a hand-made scarf with lots of dropped stitches at the Sally Ann yesterday because I liked the wool- it that yarn that changes colours, which I don't always love, but this has gorgeous autumn colours, and I just liked it.

But I can't figure out what to undo to rip it out. I'm undoing it really slowly, but it's like taking out sewing. I'm not a knitter, but I sure know people who are. Can you help?

But my big question to you:

Which do you like better (and why)? Knitting or crocheting? 

So far, personally, I like crocheting. It feels like you can just crochet your way across or around anything. My grandmother taught me to crochet, and that's what she always did, crocheting me several ponchos when I was a little girl. She herself learned to crochet using a button hook, which women and girls used to do up the buttons on their boots. My mom also crochets - beautiful gorgeous colourful blankets - tho she did teach me to knit at one point. I knit a scarf for my Barbie and that was it for knitting. The stress of not dropping a stich was too much for me at that point, I guess.

Meanwhile, here's my own crazy blanket, using Mom's scraps. (I went out yesterday and bought yard from a real yarn store yesterday. My first time at a real yarn store. Holy smokes$$$!)

*Note (& reason I love thrift shopping so much): The scarf was essentially free. In addition to shopping, we also dropped stuff off, which meant they immediately gave us a $5-off coupon if you spend $25. We were just short of the $25, so I grabbed the scarf. Our bill came to just $20 and change for a skirt, a Charlie Brown video, some navy blue sweat pants (cuz I'm going to start stretching in the morning, oh yes I am), a gum-ball machine, and a pair of funky Aldo shoes that Charlie picked out for me - and that fit!


  1. I'm better at knitting, but I love them both. Depends on the application. I'm very into knitted cushions at the moment (big chunky cable knits, not finely patterned 'nanna' knits). But I really want to crochet myself a flower rug at some stage in my life. And I could've warned you about the cost of yarn. A shocker.

  2. Value Village often has big bags of yarn for very little, if you're okay with serendipitous colours. I agree with your assessment of crochet - I like the free-form nature of it. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool (literally) knitter, though, as you know. To unravel the scarf? Start at the end - if you can't unravel the bound-off edge, just cut it off - and pull! It should just unravel as you pull. NO way should it be so hard as picking out each stitch. Be brave!

  3. I'm more of a knitter, as in I knit jumpers (sweaters) for my family and friends every year, but I can crochet too. I think knitting takes more practice to get good at, but you can crochet something pretty nice even as a beginner.

    I agree with Lynne - undoing should be really easy. If it's hard from one end, try starting from the other end ...

  4. Lynne & Tiffany - I tried unravelling from the "other" end and was immediately successful! Thanks very much!

    Agree about knitting taking more practice - I'm a newbie to making stuff and knitting is too intimidating for now. Crocheting, well, I just go back and forth. I like it. It's making me happy.

    I will check VV for yarn - serendipidous colours can sometimes appeal.

    Marnie - A crocheted flower rug - that sounds divine. The woman at the knitting store had some gorgeous cushions made with chunky, colourful yarn.

    I feel like I'm stepping into a new world!