Monday, October 31, 2011

My sweet little love

has become a monster ... AAAAAHHHHH!

And this is just a shot of a neighbour's spooky light; I like this a lot.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What employees want - attention VPs

Attention VPs and Senior Managers.

Now that I've been in the working world for 30-odd years (part-time jobs in high school count), I have some advice for those folks who've "managed up" so successfully they've succumbed to the Peter Principle. Fortunately for me, I do know one manager who does not need to read this. But I sure have worked for plenty who sure do.

This is what employees want:

1. respect - you're not better than your employees; do not forget this

2. fair pay - which means, Joe, who's doing the same job as me, is making about the same; not a lot more, not a lot less

3. regular feedback on how we're doing - positive and constructive

4. regular salary increases - if we're doing a good job and if the company can afford it - if you get an increase, then the company can afford it.

5. a safe, comfortable work environment

6. loyalty in return for loyalty

7. trust - I can do my job without your looking over my shoulder

This is what we don't want:

1. insincerity - mantras and mission statements about transparency amid lots of secrecy

2. bullshit assumptions - don't assume you don't need to ask my opinion; don't assume I'm not busy; don't assume I give a crap about career path; don't assume I can take on all of the duties of an employee who was fired by you; don't assume you're smarter than I am because I report to you; don't assume your obsequious toady is telling you the truth about me

3. any illusions on your part that we are working for you for any reason other than for the money

4. any indication that you are forgetting #3

5. expectations of loyalty if you seem to be forgetting #3

All this being said, I'm very happy at work these days. I got a raise this week, and I'm damn pleased. I'm working with a whole bunch of smart, nice, hardworking, fair, decent people, doing work that's interesting. I love MY boss. Plus I sit near a window. And the coffee's great.

Of course, if I win the lottery, I'm outa there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Which do you like better, knitting or crocheting?

I bought* a hand-made scarf with lots of dropped stitches at the Sally Ann yesterday because I liked the wool- it that yarn that changes colours, which I don't always love, but this has gorgeous autumn colours, and I just liked it.

But I can't figure out what to undo to rip it out. I'm undoing it really slowly, but it's like taking out sewing. I'm not a knitter, but I sure know people who are. Can you help?

But my big question to you:

Which do you like better (and why)? Knitting or crocheting? 

So far, personally, I like crocheting. It feels like you can just crochet your way across or around anything. My grandmother taught me to crochet, and that's what she always did, crocheting me several ponchos when I was a little girl. She herself learned to crochet using a button hook, which women and girls used to do up the buttons on their boots. My mom also crochets - beautiful gorgeous colourful blankets - tho she did teach me to knit at one point. I knit a scarf for my Barbie and that was it for knitting. The stress of not dropping a stich was too much for me at that point, I guess.

Meanwhile, here's my own crazy blanket, using Mom's scraps. (I went out yesterday and bought yard from a real yarn store yesterday. My first time at a real yarn store. Holy smokes$$$!)

*Note (& reason I love thrift shopping so much): The scarf was essentially free. In addition to shopping, we also dropped stuff off, which meant they immediately gave us a $5-off coupon if you spend $25. We were just short of the $25, so I grabbed the scarf. Our bill came to just $20 and change for a skirt, a Charlie Brown video, some navy blue sweat pants (cuz I'm going to start stretching in the morning, oh yes I am), a gum-ball machine, and a pair of funky Aldo shoes that Charlie picked out for me - and that fit!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

'I just wish the Wall Street protesters would articulate what it's all about'

... and other dumbass statements.

Okay, here's just a couple of pretty articulations for starters from the States ( 

For conservative politicians who blab nostalgically about the good ol' days when  citizens were largely God-fearing, flag waving, and jeewillikers you didn't have to lock your door at night, those were also the days of a very narrow income gap; hence the big middle class. When the wealth of folks is more evenly distributed, you have less desperation. And therefore less reason to lock your doors against those pesky, sometimes protesting, have-nots. 

And lest we in Canada feel tempted to sneer smugly at the U.S., Stats Canada has put out some info gleaned from the (last full) 2006 Census revealing an increase in income inequality.3 Based on the median earnings of full-time, full-year earners between 1980 and 2005, the data show:
  • earnings increased by 16.4% for those in the top income group
  • earnings stagnated for those in the middle income group
  • earnings fell by 20.6% for those in the bottom group 
It's bloody unfair. As the bottom group falls and falls, the top group (WAH-WAH-WAH!) doesn't want to pay their freaking income taxes. 
The richest countries in the world, we are, and we're letting our people and our economies (so many poor people mean lots of people NOT going shopping, and lots of people getting sick cuz they can't afford preventative care) go down the toilet because we don't want to pay our fair share for our paved roads and warm hospitals. 

So much for the bottom group. So much for their future and that of their children. Almost makes you want to protest.

(image from

Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday night's the banjo

I've got this tune in my head. Had it yesterday too. Am I the only one who remembers it from Grade 1 & 2?

Note that you have to be skipping rope with your friends on the playground at recess when you sing it.

Monday night's the banjo
Playing on the alleyo
I've got the rodeo
And I've got C.

C stands for Charlie
Funny funny Charlie
All the girls for Charlie
Kiss him good night

Good night, Sleep Tight.

Speaking of Charlie, they've recently learned hopscotch and foursquare in gym at school. Hurrah! This weekend, we'll be getting out the sidewalk chalk again for sure.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

No two days alike. Thank goodness.

Funny how different I can feel about work from one day to the next. The past 6 weeks or so have been madness here at Jobsite I, and I've been writing copy like a demon (and, being officially off duty while writing here, will not be held responsible for grammar errors), even in my sleep, to the point where I feel like a sausage maker, just cranking it out.

And two days ago we had such a rotten meeting during which a VP crapped all over everything I and my colleagues had been creating for the past week. Of course, as these things often go, VP took the easy route as naysayer. And had no ideas to bring to the table, nor did he have any interest in actually building on what we'd created (which DID follow exactly what we'd been asked to do in the first place).

That evening at home, all I could think about what how I ain't getting paid enough to be shat upon by intellectually lazy naysayers collecting big paycheques, and I gotta get another job! Looking at job ads after a bad day is a great idea - it reminds you that there's a big ol' world out there. Possibly full of companies with annoying VPs, of course, but I don't let that take away my dreams.

The good news is yesterday was way better, people much more positive, including said VP, and we chugged out some really cool stuff. Walking home in the rain, all I could think was that I work with such great, kind, talented, hardworking people.

I still want more money, though.