Friday, September 2, 2011

Monet morning

The view out the window this morning. All the humidity, pollen and smog in the morning sunlight. So beautiful. Like Monet's smoggy London.

Last night, I arrived home to find tenderloin sizzling on the stove and Charlie standing on the top step of the stepstool in the kitchen. He was really and truly helping M3I make dinner, and was proud and excited. He'd help to chop salad ingredients, and spun the lettuce, he'd sprinkled sesame seeds, he was going to cook the pasta!

A delicious dinner, with Charlie himself barely able to eat it, as he anxiously asked me again and again if it was good, and which part was the best. His proud face was bliss.


  1. this is perhaps the first time in my life where I have seen pollution look beautiful.

  2. You really aren't as witty as you think you are, hon. The red sky caused by pollutants is pretty, and it has been noted many times. The skirt is actually quite cool. I love that its made to look like a comfy blanket, and I doubt that the designer of said skirt missed the fact that it looks like one. You may think you see things with amazing clarity, but you really just see what the rest of us see.

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, Anonymous. I value your opinion. I still think the skirt is hilarious in that it's the same as my granny square blankie, and the exorbitant price.

    And, Aaron, it's amazing, isn't it? Smoke from a big forest fire even miles away can have a gorgeous effect on the sky.

  4. The internet has been the biggest and most revealing psychological experiment in the history of humankind. Who knew that when people could speak with near perfect anonymity, so many would turn out to be snide and demeaning? It's not like anyone forced you to read this blog, *hon*. And what kind of hubris does it take to claim to know the thoughts of another person, much less "the rest of us"? If you're not god, then back off on the all-knowingness.