Thursday, September 8, 2011

The joy of today in six parts

1... guilt-free staying home.

I've been sick since Friday afternoon, but finally succumbed. No guilt, cuz I've worked my tail off this week, which has had the effect of making me sicker. Which isn't great, but the guilt-free staying home is.

2... sleeping from 9 til noon.

Then waking up, calling my boss to find out the stuff I was going to have couriered to me has been taken care of by one of my colleagues.

3... spending time doing zilch.

I got all kinds of ideas for different things. I wrote them down. Even colours schemes for what I want to crochet next.

4... sitting on my blue chair, crocheting from the scraps my mom gave me.

Talk about no pressure.

5... colouring.

Another no-pressure activity, good for restoring your creative juices. It's fun playing with different colours.

This, as well as the crocheting, is what's been occupying me during the times in the evenings when I'd normally be frantically reading-reading-reading jumping from blog to website to twitter to facebook as my son tries to get my attention. It's easier to put your crayons down (always inhale the smell of them first - ahhh).

6... listening to Charlie. I'm making him play for me in order to get dessert.

Nice, eh? Fair bit of time too, coughing up a lung and blowing my nose into old receiving blankets. But there's something to be said for a day of rest.


  1. Hooray for such lovely days :D I hope you feel better soon, but not too soon if that warrants another day or two "recuperating". Did you crochet that blanket on the bed? The striped one is coming along!

  2. My mom made the one on the bed; I love it, and it's nice and warm.

    Yep, stripey's coming along - I had to rip out my first attempt because I didn't measure how long I was making it, and it would have eventually served as an area rug for a football field. The current one is a lot shorter, and so much fun! Like colouring.