Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion LOL

Among the magazines I picked up from the library was a summer issue of Elle. A really great, mag, by the way, with lots of fab stuff to read and great photos and fashion, including some wonderful androgynous stuff, shot by James Franco (yep, he's a fashion photographer too).

But this takes the cake. Cute, right? I like the vest (I'm trying to figure out how to wear my velvet vest at the moment). But that skirt. That LOL skirt!

 Let's just say it looks kinda familiar. I think I need a closer look at it.

Hmm. Lemme just go into my bedroom and get something. Ah, there we go.

It's the blanket my mom crocheted for me in 1981.

Now Let's check out the deets on that skirt. Maybe her Granny made it  for her.

What's this then, Christopher Kane by etc., ... OMG!
LOL! LOL! Double LOL!

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  1. Holy cow! I think you've just found a little side business!!