Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashion LOL redux

I know it's easy to poke fun at fashion - but let's!

Take the spring 2012 Marni collection (photos from

Fabrics, textures, colours and patterns - some lovely, some a bit whimsical and at the very least v. original. The shapes are a bit funny. Those slips or knickers, not sure. I love organza, and I love slips, and slips showing, so perhaps the beige might look nicer in real life.

But, sorry, these socks totally made my day - and my list of Fashion LOLz! (photo from Sometimes a fashion crime should remain a fashion crime and attempts to make them otherwise by putting them on the runway should be resisted.

Fashion LOLz!


  1. That whole socks with heels thing. Hmm. Frankly I think someone copied it from one of those fabulous Japanese girls - the kind from Fruit mag. I just don't think it works on adult women ...

  2. It actually makes her look like a Frankenmodel... "this season's must haves are some other woman's ankles". The designer may have bad memories of blisters? I really dislike that this line and I share the same name -_-

  3. "... some other women's ankles"! This is great!

    And yeah, I don't think it works at all on adult women. They're basically beige pantyhose ankle-highs.

    The Fruits mag girls are way out there - it's a captivating look for sure. Sorta cool, and maybe a bit disturbing.