Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day by day

Sheesh, I'm doing one hell of a lot of writing at work these days, and have little left for my little venue here. Plus, briefing meetings for new projects. It's all good stuff, actually, but with such short timelines some projects are over before I can enjoy them. The other good part is that most of the stuff I'm working on is with the teams I like, which means I'm getting to work with my favourite people, most of whom are smart, nice, organized, and prepared. Really! It's possible! If I'd have known three years ago that I'd be feeling this way about work, I'd have been a happier woman. And now I am one.

It's interesting work too. But man, my eyeballs are tired and dry, and my left hip and right shoulder are both inching along in the same cramped direction. Soon I'll be climbing the belfry to gong the bells.

On the way out the door this morning, I realized I needed a book for the subway, and grabbed A Serious Widow, by Constance Beresford-Howe. GAWD, I love her.

I'd like to include some quotes from this marvellous book, but it's after 11, and I'm going to squeeze out a bit more reading time from this not-to-terrible, albeit tiring, day.


  1. Oh, I know THAT feeling. Trouble is, most of my writing work is dull, dull, dull! My teaching work is fun, but so exhausting that after a day of both I'm completely wrung out ... But, hey, work is good.

  2. Work is most definitely better than no work!