Monday, August 22, 2011

Want to pay tribute to Jack Layton? Embrace social justice

My feelings of shock of the news from this morning - that Jack Layton has died - has evolved into a need to shout out the messages he stood for. As I rode by his house this morning, I wondered if he was suffering and dying, since we hadn't heard anything from him in quite a while.

In between meetings at work, I've been reading tributes to Jack online - media and personal tributes as well - all over the place. They all call him decent, champion of the underdog, an optimist, and they talk about his humanity, decency, and how committed he was to social justice.

And then in so many of these tributes (so many that it's positively eye-rolling), they say, "though we may not have agreed with him..."

I say, why the hell not? Why do you not agree with him? What's to disagree with?

1. You disagree with his belief in social justice?
Try to tell me that injustice is better then, and live with yourself.

2. You disagree with decent benefits for the unemployed? Like screwing those who've been laid off is better?

3. You disagree with increasing budgets for social services? What, like cutting them is better? Better for who?

If you want to pay tribute to Jack Layton, agree with him. Agree with social justice.


  1. Also, apparently the family would appreciate donations to the Broadbent Institute in lieu of flowers. I'm going to put some money where my mouth is (I know it's a big mouth too fill, I haven't got that much money).

  2. I will do the same - thx for the info, Lynne!