Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Threads of summertime

Well, hello there!

I've got all kinds of threads of thoughts and ideas in my 'ead this evening, starting with:

My mom cleaned out her yarn collection, rolled it all up, and gave it to me to give to an organization that makes this stuff available to teachers.

However, it's a big bag of f-u-n! And of course I don't want to give it away, despite my decluttering, which has taken a break over the past two months (BUT hasn't stopped! I promise! I've just been away every weekend since mid-June!).

I want to crochet - since I've relearned myself how to - something like this (photo from this page on etsy).

Also: I made a new friend. Who lives at my parents' place. Outside somewhere. Charlie and M3I spent the past two weeks up at the lake at my in-laws, since I had to come back to work - meanwhile I zipped up there on weekends - oh yeah! On the way, I'd stay over at my folks' place, where I got to hang out with a tiny version of Peter Cottontail - and he does actually have a white fluffy tail!
Here he is, hanging out in my mom's garden.

My other happy thread is that I managed to stay down here in the city, alone, without my boys, for two weeks (with the weekend visit up north to reprieve me). I had plans this year, rather than trying to sort old photographs, which is what I did last year, which resulted in my sobbing at 11:30pm on the floor of the bedroom, lonely and wretched. This year, I had friends over, I went for a bike ride and swim at the local outdoor pool, I watched movies (The Invention of Lying - good; and The Social Network - also good). Another night I went to the library and got a giant stack of magazines and lay in bed til midnight reading them. Oh, and I ate sandwiches every night for dinner. No cooking! (Not that I usually cook; M3I does. Yes, I love my life, I do.)

However, one of the sweetest moments of my entire life was such: I arrived up north to the cabin early on Saturday morning - before either Charlie or M3I had woken up. I crawled into the bed in the dark little bedroom, beside my wonderful, precious, handsome, sleepy husband; a few moments later, Charlie got up from his thermarest on the floor and crawled in beside me as well.

After soldiering through those two weeks alone in the city, I was surrounded by love.

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