Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A surpisingly productive evening

Last night, in order to
a) not sit in my usual sideways position (v. difficult, even at the dinner table!), and
b) not read-read-read so compulsively after a full day of looking at text,
I decided it best to stay off the computer.

If you're at all like me, and I know you are, you'd find this amazingly tricky. Try it for just one night.

The past two weeks or so, to end my time online, I've turned off my laptop and coloured with crayons in one of Charlie's old Supadupa colouring books. It's great fun, soothing, and even a bit compulsive, which is what I'm after to ensure I don't sneak back online.

But not going online at all is taking it to the next level. So, as it turned out, instead of being on the computer, reading endlessly as one thing leads to another, last night I:

1. Started crocheting a version of that multicoloured blanket I referred to a few days weeks ago.
2. Listened to Charlie play the piano for 20 minutes (able to engage with child rather than ignoring him).
3. Managed to NOT eat dessert.
4. Lift weights, doing some curls (only 5 lbs, then 2 lbs - hey 5+2 is the weight I want to lose! Coincidence? I think not!)
5. Get Charlie into bed with teeth brushed & flossed on time (before 10pm), and get myself into bed on time as well (before 10:30pm)

I'm looking forward to continuing tonight :o)

I bet you can do it too!

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