Monday, August 29, 2011

The missing link - and other weird tales of excitement

In today's exciting news (exciting to me, that is, and mind-blowing to you most likely), I've discovered the cause of my mysterious hip ailment. It came to me with a "pop" the second I woke up this morning. After months of blaming it on my office Aeron chair, my decades old injury from falling off a table, the too-soft bed up at the cottage, spending too much time on the highway driving to the cottage, too much time sitting at my desk, it's actually (duh) the way I sit. Like a modest 50s wife. Comme ├ža.

This is how I always, always, always sit (the chickie in the pink is my doppelganger, I assure you) - always on the same hip - during the times that I'm not in my office chair, in the car, in bed, etc. It's finally caught up to me, and my body seems to be cementing itself into this position, which is causing me a lot of aches and pains.

So the plan for this week - in addition to the 40 min of exercise, the healthy lunches, the no eating between meals (other than one planned snack of low-fat yogurt and berries), the walking of the nine flights of stairs) is to simply not sit like that.

The weekend's decluttering yield: - this time of a section of Charlie's room - two more boxes of stuff (videos, games, puzzles, stuffed animals) to go to Goodwill - and a box of craft materials for Artsjunktion. Also found the missing link - to the shower curtain.

Jack Layton - what's the big deal? So many people seem to be asking. One commenter on a news site, saying, "Plant him already." Here it is, the big deal, one of the most important reason so many "ordinary" people are so freaking sad about his death: He listened to and courted and paid attention to the powerless - people who are routinely marginalized and overlooked when it comes to funding, helping, or empowering.

The other parties are all about courting the powerful - how come so much all the time? It's the path that's easy - the powerful always want more power, and if you're a politician, they can sure use you and help grease their own wheels, and they grease yours.

Standing up for and listening to and and trying to empower the powerless is the eternally tougher route, but it's the only route that is going to make our society better.

And don't give me any shite about the deficit and the so-called free market. Because the right wing routinely abandons that rhetoric whenever it's convenient - like when they want to pay for a war, for more prisons (for those committing "unreported crimes", or when they dole out corporate welfare.


  1. Maybe try chiropractor?

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  3. Thx Christian. I'll be sure to consider it if plan A - not sitting like that - fails.

  4. You could well be onto something with your hip. The fact that the 'position' was courted heavily by fashion and the media back in the 50s is always proof that it - like other things such as high heels and corsets - is all about causing women pain :P I hope the change in position makes a BIG difference.

    Glad to hear the decluttering continues. Mine has stalled.. I need to kick start.

    And an AMEN to your criticism of governments (not jut yours.. they're all alike it seems)