Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Saturday in the Big Smoke

Here's the thing I always have to rediscover when decluttering: When I start out on a Saturday morning, I should expect to feel overwhelmed, self-critical, regretful, and just bad, like I've been bad.

Next, I remember that I've not been home on a weekend since mid-June.

And then, my mind starts to clear as I forgive myself, and I isolate just ONE area to sort.

I get rolling.

It gets interesting. Omigoodness, I forgot about this cool, retro tablecloth. Ah, sheesh, I thougth I already got rid of this giant white tablecloth that's too big for our table - into the Sally Ann box it goes. Aw!!! Charlie's Winnie the Pooh costume from his first Hallowe'en. I hung it on a little ladybug hanger from a hook in our closet so M3I and I can look at it and go, "aw" for a while.

The result? Two more boxes for Goodwill and another box for Artsjunktion.

It's a happy ol' Saturday in the Big Smoke.


  1. You need to find something to counteract the badness when it's time to sort. I recommend chocolate or, if you want a fat and sugar free option - 80s music. Sounds like you have many options for the disposal of your extra goods. We have limited options here.

  2. 80s music! What a great idea!

    I've got LOTS, mostly vinyl, which leads me to the fact I've got to pare down the vast amount of space our records take up!