Sunday, August 21, 2011

Found objects and furry joy

Oh what a beautiful sky we always get after a big storm. It seems funny that it could occur in the same day. In't it pretty out there?

What a great and productive weekend! Lots of time with Charlie, no "work" and lots of found objects and a furry visit.

Who knew I had a full set of watercolour paints? And a box of oil paints, including paint brushes. I think I know where I got them; it might have been a fellow I was dating, oh, let's see, about 14 years ago.

I also found a small stack of unopened mail from last autumn, six beautiful tableclothes - 4 of them charmingly retro, AND a little jewellery-making kit I've been looking for for months.

Such are the pleasures of decluttering, which I got into again this weekend in earnest.

Also, this weekend, I managed to pick up some gloves that didn't sell from the consignment store I had them in (the wonderous Singing Lady). Anna at the shop told me they've only tried selling gloves twice, without success (which means the shop returns them to you, which means you have to part with them twice!), she thinks because they have to fit, and vintage gloves tend to be small. I had four pairs returned to me - one pair, wasn't even mine, I realized once I got home, which makes it easier to pass along.

And Charlie and I went to visit our former neighbour - she saw that I'd planned on visiting the Singing Lady on Saturday, and she lives nearby, and seeing as we'd be in the neighbourhood, we got to see her and her new house.

It's quite a thing, owning a house - especially an older one. It's a great place - beautiful bones, lovely old wood floors, a beautiful claw-foot tub, and a new ikea kitchen and new, tight windows, AND a gigantic back yard. But, the older ones, in addition to their charm, are always money pits - the upstairs isn't insulated. Gah. It was all very seductive, until I heard that. We live very close to the income line, and any blips, even little ones, are troublesome - never mind big ones like that.

I like and appreciate the predictability of the expenses in the life of a renter; I also like that everything is in good shape in this building; it's so very well kept.

The bonus of the weekend: Charlie and I visited my old cat, Linus, who (with his copain, Lucy) went to live at my friend's place when Charlie was a baby, in order to save the lungs of my husband (& father of my child).

Lucy's passed away, and Linus is now 17. But oh joy! I love him. He's still a magnificent cat. See for yourself.


  1. KITTEH! Such a handsome kitteh!

    The question is, now you have found the paints and the beads - what are you going to make? Making stuff is very satisfying!

  2. We always coo "Kippy!" when we see one we want to snuggle. I want to snuggle with that cat. So handsome.

    A friend yesterday said, about home ownership: "I love it except for when something breaks. I try calling the landlord, but every time I do, my own phone starts ringing."

  3. I'm tickled that Mary & Lynne commented ;o)

    RE: make - it IS satisfying to make stuff - I don't make stuff that often, actually. But I want to make some earrings. I've got tons of cool old beads and stuff, and every time I look at earrings in a store I think, hmm, they should've added this, or subtracted that...

    RE: homeownership - we still want to do it someday - but this weekend it seemed good to be a renter. My former neighbour is definitely feeling overwhelmed - particularly at the fact that her upstairs is uninsulated. But in the real estate market in Toronto, you don't have the luxury of making an offer conditional on the inspection.