Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delight was just around the corner...

... after I angrily stomped home from the subway, getting madder and madder about work, the Catholic church (why won't they ordain women, anyway!), the poor-hating right wing, the upcoming provincial election, and any old damned thing I could think of, I arrived to find Charlie and M3I waiting for me. They'd been experimenting with a geyser kit(!) - and had two bottles of diet coke and two packs of white mentos all ready to set off when I got home.

You could say my day turned around the moment I walked in our door.

The three of us went outside to the nearby schoolyard - and happened upon a fellow juggling bowling pins. Six of them, I think. Charlie thinks five. Yep, that's right - a fellow was expertly juggling a big bunch of bowling pins, as we walked across the schoolyard to set off a geyser.

As Charlie and M3I unpacked the geyser kit and pop bottles, we realized we'd forgotten a piece of tubing. I ran back across the schoolyard to get it - then, as I returned from grabbing the tubing from inside our place, I saw that the juggler had packed away his bowling pins and was setting up a tightrope between two trees.

Well, we had to watch him tightrope walk just for a bit - then it was geyser time.

Charlie set it up over a sewer grate, stuffed the tubing contraption with mentos, placed it over the open pop bottle, pulled the pin, and POW, CHHHHHHHHHH, up went a glorious brown geyser.

We all tasted what was left of the pop. Totally flat. Mentos still delicious, though.


  1. What a fabulous turn-around! Could only have been better if my Orcas had somehow worked their way into your day (we had orcas swim by our place two days ago, another way to turn things in a better direction).

  2. It's the simple things, innit? (Not that tightrope walking and jiggling are that simple, but they're not hi-tech or expensive)

  3. Re: Orcas - how wonderful!

    It definitely turned into such a lovely night. I half-expected a peacock and a rainbow!