Monday, July 4, 2011

Cooling the fires of eternal punishment

I once read that Katharine Hepburn went for a swim every day in Long Island Sound - year round. Based on my personal experience, I now can tell you with great confidence why -- and at which time in her life -- Ms. Hepburn began this custom. Can you guess? Need a hint?

Never mind, you probably don't even want to know if you're not a 40-something woman, or married to a 40-something woman, with a newfound ability to heat the chilliest of waters with her powerful, demon-sent hot flashes.

Last Friday, I was sitting on the dock up at my in-laws' place (located just a wee bit north of the 45th parallel) enjoying the beautiful 25C degree weather, and the fire started within. Again. Probably for the umpteenth time that day. But unlike the other times, I didn't have to suffer through it because I was sitting over a very conveniently cold lake. I swear you could hear the tssssssss as I immersed myself and the fire was cooled. Gawd, it was nice!

Roughly 12 hours later, I woke up with a big "uh-oh" nighttime flash. Not nice. I hope I don't get more of those. I also hope I don't get these wretched flashes for the next 10 years, or, as I've been hearing as possible, for the rest of my wretched life.

Now I know Katharine Hepburn's secret.

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  1. SO NOT looking forward to that :(

  2. Marnie, you may be spared! I know lots of women who are skating through very nicely :o)

  3. My Mum's had a pretty horrific time of it so I'm thinking bad menopause has my number as well. Here's hoping it's all done and dusted reasonably quickly for the both of us! (Although I haven't even started yet :/)

  4. However, my mom basically had no menopause at all, other than her cycle stopping, in her 50s. Easy menopause, but difficult pregnancies. Me, easy pregnancy, craptastic meno. I think it's a crapshoot :P