Thursday, June 30, 2011

O lord, it 's hard to be humble...

Yep, still going with all those healthy changes. And, guess what? I've gained 5 lbs. My colleague here says it happens that way - at first, he insists - because your body wants more food. He got that right!

It's icy cold in the office this morning, so I just ran (oh yes, not walked!) the stairs down to L from here on the 9th floor and back up again (with two little rests so I'm not panting like a bulldog as I arrive back into the office). Four weeks ago, I had to rest twice from a slow walking climb - hurrah!

Gorgeous ride into work today - lord-a-mighty, I could hardly stand it, it was so beautiful and sweet. Nice, dry, sunny, cool - perfect.

The slightly amusing fly in the ointment: a guy cut me off while riding his bike while lighting a cigarette while holding his Timmys. Of course when your hands are that busy, you can't brake, amiright?

Soon after, I stopped at a light beside a fellow with an very cool Trek bike with orange-wall tires, gearless and belt-driven rather than chain. So clean and cool-looking! We chatted, and, he says, light and awesome for city riding.


  1. I am so impressed with your stairs triumph! Congratulations! And don't stress about the weight, it does happen that way sometimes. I once gave up junk (sugar/chocolate/take-aways, etc) for a month and gained quite a bit :( We can always blame hormones too I guess, AND, muscle is heavier than fat, so if you're exercising and gaining even lean muscle, you're going to weigh more. That's why I focus more on how I feel rather than my numerical weight. Keep up the good work :D