Sunday, May 1, 2011

Charlie and I just got back from The Singing Lady Consignment Emporium. This is big news because it means I have handed over my excrutiatingly chosen-to-part-with china.

Tammie, who is the Singing Lady herself, is a dear old friend I've recently reconnected with (on fb dontchaknow), and she's going to actually put photos of my stuff on her website. To sell!

omigod... breathe...

Plus the stuff will be out in her delightful store where someone at some point, I hope, will happen upon one of the formerly-mine treasures and feel a thrill of delight at discovering the very thing that will make their heart sing.

Speaking of which, heh-heh. I found a beautiful mother's day gift there for my mom. So far, she doesn't know about this blog, so I'll just say it is a beautiful Wedgewood brooch, that has a little loop on the back to convert it into a pendant. So, yeah, I bought something, so what!

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