Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A marathon, a revelation, a vow and a craving

I've just worked a marathon. Came home yesterday part-way through the day, feeling nauseous and rotten. Of course, right off the bat, I thought it had to be stress or some emotional affliction. Funny, I always go there first!

But my tum was upset for real - and workwise I still had reason to think it was stress. I worked on a copydeck for a "website refresh" until 10pm - tho in between had some pasta (food sometimes helps, right?) and helped Charlie with his homework.

Was back up and at it at 7 this morning, figuring I'd do a bit then go to work, but, again, my tum and the proximity of the facilities kept me home. I worked through to 2:30 and seeing that I'd actually done all the work I needed to do - which was an awesome amount - I gently plopped myself into bed and slept for two hours.

The revelation: I can get an insane amount of work done from home.

Fewer distractions and interuptions combined with the necessity of a deadline are great for productivity. I also think that much slower internet service and a small laptop screen help to keep me from the distractions of the wretched WWW.

I feel like I'm read-read-reading compulsively, and I'm therefore vowing to stay off the morbidly attention-getting "'net" during my working hours. Oh yes I am. If I can go through all my magazines and get the keepers down to less than 20, I can stay off the internet for personal reading while at work. If I can actually part with a large chunk of my china, I can do it.

* * * * *

I've got this weird craving for a gin and tonic. I'm thinking since my gut is still gurgling I'd best not give into it.


  1. Freeze it into an icy-pole (if you know what that is.. would you say popsicle?). When I or my kids are sick, we use lemonade icy-poles to stay hydrated and the ice suppresses the stomach's urge to heave - learned that at the children's hospital. Of course if you haven't got to that stage, that won't be necessary. But it might facilitate a way to sate your craving.

  2. A popsicle! That's a great idea - I'm back at my desk at work and thinking I could use some ice in my stomach right now.

    I didn't know ice would have that effect - but it makes sense. I guess that's why they give you ice chips when you're in labour.