Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kindness is key

This past week, my place of work, which I lovingly refer to as Jobsite I, won an award - it's one of the top places to work for in Canada (we're in the top 20 small companies). Pretty cool, eh?

We all had to answer a questionnaire for the award submission. But I'll tell you why our company really won: we get to work with a great bunch of people. My colleagues are smart, fun, kind and supportive, and they care about their work, and they/we care about each other. And I plan to stay there as long as this is true.

Some examples:

This week is extremely busy for me, and at one point today, one of the account people, who'd been sending me urgent proofreads for the past week, came over to my desk. "Whatcha got?" I asked. "Nothing," he said. I looked at him in surprise. "I just came over to thank you for working through all that stuff for us."


Also, my boss, who is also by now a great friend, told me she'd do a big chunk of the work I've got on my plate - over the weekend, if I needed her to. It's her Easter weekend too, right? She offered because she's a seriously wonderfully nice person.


I worked at home for a day and a half last week because of my stomach bug. No fewer than three people asked me today if I was feeling better.


These days are busy and I sure work hard at that place, but it's a good place. (And a damn site better than wretched Jobsite X!)


  1. Congratulations! And doesn't a healthy work environment (meaning awesome people you actually like/love) make a difference?! :D

  2. So true! We spend so much of our day at work - it's really important.