Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie's happiness scale

Charlie loves numbers and measurements; a few days ago, M3I got him an odometre/spedometre for his bike, and he's already ridden 15 km out of the pure joy of racking up the kilometres.

Often on the weekend (a happy time for the three of us), he wants to know what level I'm at on the happiness scale. Now, let me get this right; at the bottom, working upwards: black minus (minus is very important), black, black plus, red minus, red, red plus, yellow minus, yellow, yellow plus, green minus, green, green plus, white minus, white and white plus. It's a very solid mid-white-level day today.

We've played cards, coloured on Doodle Art, gone for a bike ride, gone to the library, then played outside (with more bike ride for Charlie in there too). Now I'm at home waiting for the males to come home from buying a basket ball, listening to Glen Campbell and having a nice chilly gin and tonic in one of Charlie's CN Tower glasses.

Life's precious. As I like to say, these are the good old days we're having right now.

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  1. Life IS precious! How cute is Charlie's happiness scale?! And hooray for anything (wholesome) that gets kids out on their bikes! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) May it be white - white plus all the way!