Monday, March 21, 2011

Peace, tower

I had a day off today. A me day. No plans, no ambition, just a day off (bought 2 Liz Claiborne bras at Sears, had a piri-piri chicken sandwich, watched 30 Rock while eating popcorn, then had a 2-hour nap). This, after a wonderful weekend in our nation's capital to visit my brother and sister and law and my nieces and nephew (which includes a glorious 2-week-old baby daughter). Plus, we got to visit some dear old friends.
Charlie played with his cousins pretty much the whole time, which was awesome because he's a shy lad and it's so great to see him so relaxed. We got to hang out in the hot tub (I got a bit too relaxed - perhaps too much wine), we went to the National Art Gallery, walked over to Parliament Hill, and had drinks at the Chateau Laurier (I had a Manhattan!).

And on the way back to the gallery on one of the most beautiful days of the year, I took this photo of the Peace Tower :o)

Now here's the mini with the real:

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  1. Ah, that's what I call a mental health day. I occasionally have one of them and they're marvellous!