Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting in the swim of things

Just had the best exercise swim I've had in a long time. How many times to I need to be reminded that exercise, for me, is a major mood-enhancing drug? I want and need to feel this way just a leetle bit more often!

So, lunch, and then skating with Charlie. We skate every Sunday (we've only missed one Sunday all winter) and we've managed to hit a huge variety of rinks, including the lake up north. Charlie's gone from clinging angrily to the side or demanding that I hang on to his two hands, to basically being able to skate fast enough to break a sweat. Looking forward to it!

PS: Even better - my friend, who lives nearby & has two daughters called us up, and they joined us for skating & a playdate afterwards. Now M3I has a roast in the oven, and Charlie and I are about to make a volcanic eruption with baking soda, food colouring and vinegar.

These are the good old days.

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