Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being in my 40s is making me progressively braver in weird ways

By that I mean weird in a good way. Here's why.

Recently I read something that has resonated with me: "It's not up to me to fit into my clothes. My clothes should fit me."

This wise statement inspired me so much that I boldly moved up a bra size. So what? It's bold, you see, because I'm not going up a cup size, I'm going up a measurement number while going down a cup size. I have a few lovely pretty bras in nice colours that just seem to strangle me unless they're done up on the loosest rung, but I've been too vain to go up the number while actually reducing the cup size.

I found if I stay the smaller measurement, I have to have the bigger cup - but as I said, the circumference stranges me and the bigger cup moulds the b00b into a weirdly aggressive shape I just don't like. It's weird in a bad way. But going up the measurement allows me to go down one cup, which for some reason they at Liz Claiborne seem to have a policy that if it's a C, it's got the weird shape, and if it's a B, the profile is more minimal. The two new fabulous Liz Claiborne bras I bought last Monday are the new size; hence, the new me.

The girls are much happier, I don't feel like I'm vamping around the office, and I no longer have to rip the thing off the moment I come home.

So, let's repeat together: "It's not up to me to fit into my clothes. My clothes should fit me."

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  1. I just went up a bra size too (although it was girth AND cup :( But the bras I was wearing were from aaages ago). I didn't feel brave though, just resigned :/ Still, it does look better and my girls are a lot happier too. I shall use your mantra.