Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

Some days - lots of days - I'm overwhelmed with gratitude at finally arriving in a workplace where I can thrive, learn, grown, and I am surrounded by supportive, kind, smart, wise, talented people.

Other days, I simply cannot get the freaking bloody hell out of here fast enough to get to my home sweet, sweet, goddam sweet home.

Guess which one today is?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being in my 40s is making me progressively braver in weird ways

By that I mean weird in a good way. Here's why.

Recently I read something that has resonated with me: "It's not up to me to fit into my clothes. My clothes should fit me."

This wise statement inspired me so much that I boldly moved up a bra size. So what? It's bold, you see, because I'm not going up a cup size, I'm going up a measurement number while going down a cup size. I have a few lovely pretty bras in nice colours that just seem to strangle me unless they're done up on the loosest rung, but I've been too vain to go up the number while actually reducing the cup size.

I found if I stay the smaller measurement, I have to have the bigger cup - but as I said, the circumference stranges me and the bigger cup moulds the b00b into a weirdly aggressive shape I just don't like. It's weird in a bad way. But going up the measurement allows me to go down one cup, which for some reason they at Liz Claiborne seem to have a policy that if it's a C, it's got the weird shape, and if it's a B, the profile is more minimal. The two new fabulous Liz Claiborne bras I bought last Monday are the new size; hence, the new me.

The girls are much happier, I don't feel like I'm vamping around the office, and I no longer have to rip the thing off the moment I come home.

So, let's repeat together: "It's not up to me to fit into my clothes. My clothes should fit me."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The volcano

Pour the coloured vinegar into the test tube positioned under the pot. The test tube contains baking soda.

Voila! Charlie narrates, as the villagers run for their lives. Oh yeah. Nothin' like being a 6-year-old boy!

Getting in the swim of things

Just had the best exercise swim I've had in a long time. How many times to I need to be reminded that exercise, for me, is a major mood-enhancing drug? I want and need to feel this way just a leetle bit more often!

So, lunch, and then skating with Charlie. We skate every Sunday (we've only missed one Sunday all winter) and we've managed to hit a huge variety of rinks, including the lake up north. Charlie's gone from clinging angrily to the side or demanding that I hang on to his two hands, to basically being able to skate fast enough to break a sweat. Looking forward to it!

PS: Even better - my friend, who lives nearby & has two daughters called us up, and they joined us for skating & a playdate afterwards. Now M3I has a roast in the oven, and Charlie and I are about to make a volcanic eruption with baking soda, food colouring and vinegar.

These are the good old days.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The best day of the week is today

Charlie asked me three times this morning why I was smiling. Just one reason, Sonny boy. I'm happy.

We lazed around for awhile this morning as the sun streamed in. I had some coffee, read the paper, Charlie read a book with breaks spent jumping around, M3I slept in.

Around 11, Charlie and I took three more boxes of stuff to Goodwill!!! AND, Charlie and M3I carried all - that's ALL - the rest of the magazines down to the laundry room. Boy, I'm glad it's not me coming across 200 free magazines. I'd be screaching with a combination of joy and indecision.

We of course then had to go into the store, and he got three videos and two books, and I found a diamond-shaped pink and orange paisley scarf plus a long white scarf dotted with green shamrocks.

Next, across the street to our favourite Mr. Sub, and wah! They're closing at the end of the month. The lady there always gives Charlie a free cookie, and the subs are great as is the coffee. But she's happy - they're going to take some much-deserved time off before deciding what to do next.

Okay there's more fun: we just got back from swimming! I'm happy to report that yes, the slide was open.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Everybody's workin' for the weekend. Not.

I was planning to work this weekend, at least putting in a full 7.5 hour day. I've certainly got the work to do.

But seeing as I started work this morning at roughly 6:15 because I couldn't sleep because I have so much work to do, and seeing as I got a ridiculous amount of writing done today, I'm quite decidedly not putting in said 7.5 hrs. I will, however, do some editing on paper, but I ain't doing nothing on the effing 'puter.

My neck is stiff, my back is sore, and as I look up at the sky out the window here at the office (such lovely big bright windows here at the office), I see that the sky is my very favourite colour of blue.

Ergo, my revised weekend plan:
- go swimming with Charlie and M3I
- go skating with Charlie, and perhaps M3I
- review & edit my 2 documents, on paper, preferably with a beer
- declutter (ongoing)
- do laundry (a must cuz it reduces my stress levels during the week)
- look at the sky

Now, just look at this glorious forecast!

PS: anybody watch the 50th Anniversary of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki! Wa'nt it great? You can watch it online AND you can watch the very first ep of the show.

PPS: This Twisted Sister song has been running in my 'head all afternoon. Might be why I'm no longer planning to work all weekend. Do take a listen. It's just fun.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A totally weird gem

I received this message this morning from a friend who's doing some traveling in India:

"You are not going to believe this. My second day in Delhi, I took the new metro and had to change lines at a major station, tons of people, and bumped directly into Suzy-Q Mutual Friend*!!! What are the odds? There are about 14 million people in Delhi!"

Indeed, there are times when I love this crazy old world.

*not her real name.

A small gem

I got off the subway this morning, saw that the escalator was closed, and grumbled to myself because in such cases the platform is dangerously crowded and slow as we all try to cram up the stairs while other folks are trying to climb down them.

However, this morning, just as I got near the staircase, the escalator guy turned on the escalator and removed the gate, right in front of me! I and my fellow passengers gratefully scampered up.

I thought to myself, I must remember this; it does work out very nicely sometimes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Okeydoke. Push has come to shove and I've joined W8 Watchers Online once again. At this point, it's really not about the number on the scale. It's about how all my wonderful new (and new to me) clothes are fitting. Cuz I do want to look nice but I also really really want to stay comfortable and not have my cool zipperless jeans digging into my mid-section.

In other news: bye-bye to beautiful, breathtaking, bawdy Elizabeth Taylor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seven things to like about today

1. I'm all refreshed because of my 4-day weekend.

2. Got a massage at work today. Yep, at work. Every now and then, the company hires some RMTs to give us massages. Miriam concentrated on my neck (my goodness you have a lot of tension here) and my hands. Bliss!

3. I wore my aqua tank top. The fun part: I slept in it on Saturday night. See, that makes me laugh inside. My own little thumbing of the nose to the corporate culture. Otherwise, I looked extremely appropriate in my smart midnight brown three-button new jacket from Sally Ann. I really needed something to show so it didn't look like I was naked under my smart jacket.

4. Macaroni and cheese for dinner. President's Choice. It's delicious!

5. A cheque in the mail from Bell. Apparently they overcharged a whole bunch of people at one point, which is rotten, but we really need the money this month.

6. M3I and Charlie did groceries today after school and they bought Honeycomb! (Apparently there's a new controversial taste to it, which is presumably different from what I grew up with. However, I'm chomping away on it at the moment and it tastes pretty darn good to me.)

7. There may be an election if the federal budget is voted down. This may turn out to be a disaster cuz Michael Ignatieff & Co. would likely win if Harper & his motley crew do win, and Michael Ignatieff is hardly a vast improvement. That being said, it would be a bit of an improvement. Plus, I'd like to see another minority gov't be the thing that makes Harper resign. Oh yeah!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Peace, tower

I had a day off today. A me day. No plans, no ambition, just a day off (bought 2 Liz Claiborne bras at Sears, had a piri-piri chicken sandwich, watched 30 Rock while eating popcorn, then had a 2-hour nap). This, after a wonderful weekend in our nation's capital to visit my brother and sister and law and my nieces and nephew (which includes a glorious 2-week-old baby daughter). Plus, we got to visit some dear old friends.
Charlie played with his cousins pretty much the whole time, which was awesome because he's a shy lad and it's so great to see him so relaxed. We got to hang out in the hot tub (I got a bit too relaxed - perhaps too much wine), we went to the National Art Gallery, walked over to Parliament Hill, and had drinks at the Chateau Laurier (I had a Manhattan!).

And on the way back to the gallery on one of the most beautiful days of the year, I took this photo of the Peace Tower :o)

Now here's the mini with the real:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vice becomes virtue

In the office this morning, as I was zipping from one meeting to the next (strange; I never used to go to meetings), a senior veep type person called my name, and told me there was a rumour that I played FarmVi11e, and was it true? I said, it was indeed true, though my farm had lain somewhat fallow of late. (Clever answer, no?)

For potential business reasons, said veep person wants to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of Farmvi11e. Who the heck would've ever thought that answering "yes" would be the right answer?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trying not to be Ted Baxter

I've been a bit of a fried egg sandwich lately. Have a few issues with stress. But nothing to worry about. (Ha. Get it?) Working too much, not saying no enough. Plus I'm doing some work in a new area - so I'm lacking subject matter expertise. Learning new stuff is fun and exciting, and I like the new team a lot, but it's bringing back those old feelings of being insecure at good ol' Jobsite X.

Plus I've had to cancel (postpone, shurely) our annual trip out west (flights are too $$$), which means I won't be seeing my youngest brother and my niece this spring, which makes me just plain bloody sad.

On the good side of the ledger, I've been successfully working away at decluttering. Still stressful, yes, but also enjoyable. Finding cool stuff I'd forgotten about, getting all my favourite china set up and on display, sending the Sally Ann stuff to Sally Ann, and getting the Singing Lady stuff organized and packed away.

Plus, I'm finding it's just a little easier to keep things neater and cleaner in the household lately. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, I seem to be cleaning - at least on the weekends - a bit frenetically.

Again, on the good side of the ledger, I think I'm working through what I need to, stresswise, workwise, and clutterwise.

As for handling people at work properly in order to reduce stress thing, I have to say no to people I like. I have to. I can't work all the time. But it's hard because I want to please, I aim to please, and I'm also insecure enough that if they go and ask someone else to do their bit of writing or editing, they might decide they like that other person's work better. (See episode of Mary Tyler Moore when it was discovered why Ted never took a vacation.)

Advice for others dealing with late winter funk-slash-stress-overload: do be empathetic to the citizens of Japan and New Zealand, and all the other peoples of the world that are enduring struggle. But do not watch news footage of disaster. You cannot and should not take it upon yourself to feel the pain of the earth.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Postscript to the continuing story of the ashtray

My brother wants it!

AND he also wants the set of 8 Irish coffee glasses!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Look at what I just found hiding in the closet:

If I'm not mistaken, they look a little sheepish in there. Taunting, even. Ha-ha, you missed us! We know you love us and would never part with us, so we hid! Ha-ha!

Oh, and looky here at the mag on the top of the pile - first one I pull out. Just look.

Look again.

See? They're taunting me!

Ugh. Decluttering is a process. Decluttering is a process. Decluttering is a process.